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  Custom Shirt - White on White

Item #wht
Few fabrics say "success" like our crisp white on white cottons. When you`re looking to impress, choose from this impeccable statement-making collection.

  • NOTE: To best display the beautiful texture of these shirts, the contrast of the fabric has been raised. This may cause the swatch to appear slightly "gray" on your screen. Be assured that these fabrics are in actuality the brightest white on white.
  • In order to assist you with your order, industry standards have been preselected for some options. However, you are free to change any of them according to your preference.

wht Oxford Stripe
wht Oxford Stripe
wht Large Herringbone
wht Large Herringbone
wht Triple Stripe
wht Triple Stripe
wht Candy Stripe
wht Candy Stripe
wht Pique
wht Pique
wht French Oxford
wht French Oxford
wht Small Herringbone
wht Small Herringbone
wht Criss Cross
wht Criss Cross
wht Half Inch Stripe
wht Half Inch Stripe
wht Double Stripe
wht Double Stripe
wht Diamond
wht Diamond
wht Multi Stripe
wht Multi Stripe
wht Quarter Inch Stripe
wht Quarter Inch Stripe

Shirt Style


Narrow Spread (3")
1. Narrow Spread, 3"
Moderate Spread (4")
2. Moderate Spread, 4"
Wide Spread (6")
3. Wide Spread, 6"
Curved Spread (Reilly)
4. Curved Spread/Reilly
Round Collar
5. Round Collar
Button Down
6. Button Down
Hidden Button
7. Hidden Button
Tab Collar
8. Tab Collar
Pin Collar
9. Pin Collar
Eyelet Collar
10. Eyelet Collar
Pin Collar
11. Banded Collar
Eyelet Collar
12. Wing Tip

Collar Style:
Collar Contrast:
Collar Points:


Flap to Button/Pleated
1. Flap to Button/Pleated
Flat Round
2. Flat Round
Flat Diamond
3. Flat Diamond
Flat Square
4. Flat Square

Pleated Diamond
5. Pleated Round
Flat Diamond
6. Pleated Diamond
Flat Square
7. Pleated Square

Pocket Style:
Number of pockets:


Straight Script
1. Straight Script
Straight Text
2. Straight Text
Straight Fancy
3. Straight Fancy
Angle Text
4. Angle Text
Angle Fancy
5. Angle Fancy
Vertical Fancy
6. Vertical Fancy
Vertical Text
7. Vertical Text
8. Diamond

Monogram Style:
($5.00) Monogram Location:
Monogram Color:
Monogram Initials 


1. Round

2. Square

3. Cut Corner

4. French Round

5. French Square

6. French Curved

7. Folded French Cuff
Also Available: 8. French Cut Corner
Cuff Contrast:
Cuff Height:
Number of Buttons:


Right Sleeve Length:
Left Sleeve Length:
Front Placket:

NOTE: If Tuxedo Front Placket was selected, please be sure to select a Pleat Detail below.
Shirt Tail:
Your Height:
Tie Space:
Tuxedo Pleat Details

Tuxedos are an additional $50.00 per shirt.

We are fully committed to the standard of “custom” shirt makers. Therefore, if you have special requirements or request for details not listed here, be sure to tell us about them in the Comment section on your order form at checkout.

Shirt Fit:
Click Here for Our Size Fit Charts
Click Here for Custom Measurement Fit Charts

Shirt Size:
NOTE: "Custom" Shirt size is an additional $25.00 per shirt. If custom is selected, please fill in the "Custom Measurements" section below.

Custom Measurements

Custom Measurements are an additional $25.00 per shirt.
This section should be filled in only if "CUSTOM" was selected by "SHIRT SIZE".

Click Here For Help On Measuring Yourself.

Collar Size:
Shirt Length:
Cuff Length:

Quantity: @ $199.00 each

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